new to wr426

hello all, i am now the proud owner of 2002 wr426 and would like to ask for some help on modifying it. from what i can see all that has been change is pipe,(WB E-Series 12 plates) jetting, and throttle stop removed. what else should i look for. previous owner not sure what all was done. His racing friend did all the work . thanks very much for all your information and advice. rode bike this past weekend had a blast what a difference from a yz 125 much easier to trail ride. By the way my riding would be 50/50 trail/mx mix thanks again

Hello DCJr. I'm sure a lot of folks are gonna reply with do the yz timing, grey wire, possibly rejetting, different metering rod, removing the airbox lid. I recently too bought a brand new 2002 WR426 and the only performance mods I've done is cut the throttle stop and remove the can plug from time to time. I love it just as it is. Certianly a quite capable bike. I have a buddy with the same bike and has done all of the above mods, Yeah it is faster, but somewhat more finiky about starting and such, it actually fouled a plug last ride. Hell I don't have the skills to take advantage of the power it already has. I'm gonna focus more on getting the suspension setup for my weight, then better my skills before I hit the other mods. Just my take on it.

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