front axle nut

Other than the dealership, where could I find a new one? 08 yz 450f.

I over torqued mine last night at the track. The threads came out of the nut like a spring. Need a new one pretty quik, the dealer says it would take almost a week.

that is a very special nut you will not find it at a hardware store. You can try ebay and see if you can get it shipped over night but you more than likely are going to have to get it from your dealer.

thanx, I found a buddy w/ an 09 honda that's going to be down this week anyways, to let me barrow his. Just as a reference, the 09 honda and 05 kawi's fit. I haven't tried anything else.

I'll just mooch off my buddies till the dealer can get me a new one.

good job. I am one of the few people who is lucky enough to have a parts bike. Best 500 bucks i have spent.

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