YZ450F Rekluse Clutch For MX

I have read a lot of posts on the use of a Rekluse on Trail/Woods Bikes but little mention of them on a Motocross/Track Bike for racing.

How many of you guys use a Rekluse for Motocross racing and what are the pro's and con's of their use in this form of racing? Which model of Rekluse did you use?


I ride both MX and woods (actually rode MX today). I have the Pro version that works very well. On long starts I can use 3rd gear with the Rekluse (everyone else is shifting and I'm still on the gas). I've never been worse than 2nd in the 1st corner of a MX race with the Rekluse. Brake taps are easy since it won't stall. It perfectly slips the clutch on exits on corners.... I could go on and on.

The bottom line is, I haven't found any 'cons' using a Rekluse. :doh:

I use my Rekluse for both and love it for both. For MX there are two main advantages I've found. First, you never, ever stall it in a corner, or anywhere else for that matter. Also, if you crash the bike won't stall so no need to worry about restarting. Just pick it up and go. The second big advantage I've found is I don't get arm pump or fatigued nearly as fast with the Rekluse. At least for me, working the clutch was a significant contributor to arm pump. With fatigue and arm pump less of an issue, I'm able to faster longer and don't fade nearly as bad at the end of the moto.

These guys summed it up!

Their are 3 things I will do to every bike I get in the future.

1. Install Rekluse Pro

2. Replace stock bars with FLEXX bars

3. Have my suspension sprung for my weight and riding.

You can not go wrong with a Rekluse, I would recommend starting with all new clutch friction plates, and a high end clutch basket, then you will be good for a long time.


Ditto. I have the Rekluse Pro and it is the only one to get as afaic, as you can still manually slip the clutch if you need. It really helps keep me from stalling on slow speed tracks and tight tracks too.

One side effect i noticed, is the slip can be very imperceptible, it actually gives me better drive on loose straights and i have occasionally overjumped things due to the decreased wheelspin

Not to mention how easy it is to idle around the pits (I know, i know -- thats not a racing attribute -- but at times it has made my life easier)

It has also made my high hp racebike into an awesome "putt around" bike when i am riding with my nephew, as it doesnt matter how slow i go, it doesnt stall

I dont get a lot of time to ride, so when i do, i want to maximize my experience --- i can honestly say the Rekluse makes it more enjoyable too (for me)

----- Downfalls? -- well, i really dont see much need for the auto clutch if pure moto on perfectly groomed tracks is all you do, but even then, it doesnt hurt either. Also, psychologically, it is kind of a "lazy old off-road guy" mod ---- but its one that works for most people regardless of where they ride

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