98 WR 400 vapor lock?

My beloved and plated WR stalled thee times a mile or so apart and after much kicking.....I hauled her home. stripped the carb,checked the float height, put the ohm meter to the TPS... all good . fired up first kick, idled just long enough for me to smile ,then died:banghead: much kicking later ..... repeat same:foul: next time through, found a clogged vent line replaced it and presto, started on first kick runs good:ride: this ever happen to anyone else?:doh:

Just did an enduro yesterday and my wr was doing the same thing, i have a stubby gas cap vent tube with a check valve on it, and i think that wsa the problem, i'd take the main line into the carb of and nothing would come out, undo the gas cap then fuel would pour out.

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