15-50 to 14-49...how much of a change?

changed out my worn out sprockets and chain with stock gearing on my 00 426, so i received a 14-49...when i removed the front, i realized that it wasn't a stocker, as it was bigger...i bought the bike last year with the 15-50...have had no real complaints...looks like i've geared it down some, but will it be a noticeable change?

i ride mostly desert - stoddard, cal city, JV.

Lets do the math:



3.33/3.50=0.95, so you've made a 5% change in the final gearing. That isn't the overall ratio, of course, because there's another 2.95:1 reduction between engine and trans, but because you multiply primary and secondary to get the overall, the change is still 5%.

This is roughly the same as having gone to a 15/52. Whether it's more than you like or not remains to be seen. The 426 does pretty well with stock gears in the desert, and you may like how much easier the engine is to manage in slow sections. But, of course, you may also find you've lost more speed in 5th than you're happy with. Again, it's 5%.

My 01 426 had 14 - 50 sprockets on it when I got it a couple months ago. I rode it like that and was amazed at the power. Well, sprockets were pretty bad so I went to a 14 front and 52 rear. I must say I thought it couldn't get any better than before changeout but I was wrong. I love it now. I don't ride desert and much wide open so top speed is not that important to me. But it's great in woods.

Just my .02

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