Trouble finding 46t sprocket for '04 YZ 450

So how was your ride?

I haven't ridden with it yet. Hopefully, I will get a practice session in this evening or tomorrow.

I thought I would let you guys know how my first ride with the sprocket went. I went for a practice run yesterday afternoon at my local MX track and tried-out the new 47t (went down from a 49 to a 47 [14/47]).

Surprisingly, it made the biggest difference in 2nd gear, as I noticed that I could blast out of a turn and hit jumps in 2nd pinned, whereas in the past I was forced to shift to 3rd before launching. That alone justified the change. Third gear pulled much better. I would have to say the most noticeable difference made though was in engine braking. The bike does not seem to stall as easily when coming into tight corners aggressively. Bottom line...big improvement! Thanks!

Unrelated to drive, I noticed that my rear brake felt like it was grinding and started making noises towards the end of the day. I checked the pads, but there is still a ton of life left in them. Any ideas?

No idea on your brakes.

That is pretty much how I feel my bike runs on a track so mission accomplished!

Oh yeah except my bike needs a new topend and I don't get the luxury of engine braking at the moment. . .

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