Jump Start

How bad it is to start a 4 stroke bike with a jump start?

Jump starting is done with jumper cables, and you need an electric starter to do that. :lol:

If you mean "bump start", or "run-and-bump", there is no harm in it whatsoever, but it shouldn't be necessary. It is occasionally just easy to let the thing roll down a hill and bump it off, and I do this sometimes when the opportunity arises.

On your bike, with the auto decompression system, it's like bumping an overweight 125. No technique, really, just roll it and clutch it. Older bikes with manual decompression are more complicated, and take a little practice. There's no risk of damage in either case, unless you side saddle it old-school and fall over the high side. :doh::snore:

Thanks for the info Gray!

Yeah, I mean run-and-bump...

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