Bill, Dodger here's my info

this is in refrence to my previous post little help. Ok I took the carb appart and cleaned everything. The carb looked good only a slight grey powdrey build up. Carb cleaner took it right off. Here is my info.

Main 158, Pilot 42, Pilot screw 2 1/4 turns, Starter 65, Needle jet obdr r, Clip position #2, Main Air 200, Pilot Air 75.

My bike is stock except for free mods, open air box, plug removed, ground throttle, grey wire,YZ timmed.

I did have a little problem putting it back togther :) the needle didn't just come out so I took the whole throttle valve out and now it will not go all the way back in. this is because the push rod link lever assembly rotated on me and is now handing up on the throttle shaft assembly where the cables connect. I think it should be a quick fix as soon as I get the wrench to take off the TPS. I have marked the TPS so I should be able to get it back on in the same position. What kind of wrench is it? I was a little frusterated but all in all a good experience, at least I have an idea of how the carb works now :D

Have you looked at "jetting q's", lot's of info there for you. Not sure what you could have taken apart and got spun around.... push rod link lever"???? Could it be the accelerator pump rod. It comes away from the pump diaphram assembly when you pull the fuel bowl.

You may want to just call Sudco and order all new jetting. The jetting in my signature would be a good place to start. I would also order some leaner PAJ's, PJ's, MAJ's and MJ's.

Taffy put quite a bit of time testing this configuration himself and helped others use this baseline to tweak their bikes.


Ok I figured out the problem with the pushrod linkage. I did not have to take off the TPS. I forgot to mention that I will be running at 7000-13500" elevation. :) That should help a little. thanks for the help.

Dodger check your PM's. I have the bike up and running again :) I have changed the clip to position #3 and as far as I can tell the bike is running really good.

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