Another YZ/WR stator question!!

Sorry another WR stator question. I have a 02 YZ 426 that I trying am to street legalize and supermoto. I have fitted a new Yamaha WR stator to it. and I ran into the problem of no spark until I grounded the pink wire. I cut the pink wire coming from the stator just before it ran into the connector for the CDI. I grounded it to frame and I have spark now. The problem is it is extremly weak, and believe that is why the bike wont start unless being pulled. Before this swap it ran great. 1st, second kick everytime. When it does start it runs extremly poor on bottom end, pops, backfires and wont idle. I am about ready to buy a WR CDI and put the stator back if this will solve my problems! PLEASE HELP!!! I am officially lost on this one!!!

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