PLZ HELP...03 WR450 E-start DEAD

My e-start has just stopped working mysteriously and the red LED "on" light does not illuminate at all anymore. Bike is all stock electrically speaking.

I have checked the battery and it is great. The bike kick starts great and runs well. The headlight and taillight work great when the bike is running.

When I push the start button NOTHING happens, not a sound or click. Again, no red LED ever, but the bike and lights work great when running and kickstart works great.

I have checked every wire and electrical connection on the bike and cleaned and greased with dielectric grease. Checked the fuses under the seat too. Also took the housing off the on/off switch and looked at it...everything looks intact. The bike has not had any huge major wrecks, and doesnt appear to have any damage. The e-start used to work okay, but would not work intermittantly. Now it is just dead.

Ideas? I am not the electrical genious and am hoping someone can shed some light on this. Sounds like a short or bad relay or something, but I dont know what is the best thing to start with given the above symptoms.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and help.


The relay should at least click if it works. Sounds like this is your problem. My starter motor has malfunctioned a number of times (-03 WR450) but the relay always makes a sound when pressing the button. Try bypassing it and see if the starter turns. One way of doing that is to use jump cables from the battery to the starter motor terminal. If it works just using the positive, then I would change the relay, otherwise I would check the ground connection to the starter.

Thanks! do you happen to know where I can get a picture of the relay and the ground connection to the starter?

Nope, no picture. Just remove the seat and follow the cables from the battery. After the fuse you will find the relay. There are only 2 cables to the starter, one is positive, the other ground. You will see which.

great, thanks! I have a voltmeter too and am going to do some diagnositc work tonight.

Any luck?

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