what is the diference?

What is the diference between a powerNOW and a jamesNOW mod? Does this product have a dealer in europe? How can i get one?


The James Now is the homemade version of the Power Now. Same deal but one costs about 90.00 more.

Hey, speaking of which. Im making mine right now here at work. (shhhhhh,...dont tell anyone) :)

I found a piece of aluminum that is 1.5mm thick. Will that work?

I know you have to cut the grooves in the sides of the intake bell and I was thinking the hacksaw blade is a bit thinner. So it might not fit in eh?


I would be concerned about restricting the airflow if the piece is thick. I used a piece of brass that is quite thin. I wouldn't be afraid of using galvanized stock used for duct work. The bell is hard plastic so the material doesn't need to be super strong. Have fun.

I used 1.2, 1.5 will still work with the hacksaw blade, i chamfered the front and rear of the plate.

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