Timing chain life in hours?

I found one post that said to change it annually but no comments on hours.

Does anyone know the approximate life in hours of a timing chain (I ride an 08 450)?

"Your mileage may vary"

If you race it full time, perhaps 50 or fewer. If you don't, it might go beyond 200 with no trouble. Notice that the timing chain isn't mentioned in the manual as a maintenance item.

On an '08 especially, it's a good idea to do periodic inspections of the chain while you're checking the valve clearance. The reason is that there have been enough instances of '08's and even a couple of later '07's with premature timing chain problems. It's good to catch this before the engine skips time because of it. The trouble seems to be either faulty tensioners or chains, and once the parts are replaced, the problem appears to stay gone.

The inspection goes like this:


i changed my cam chain at about 100 hours, it was identical to the new 1.

I agree with Grayracer. Expert level riders who can keep the throttle pinned all the time should replace them before 50 hours. Guys that trail ride or play on MX tracks can safely change them at 100 hours.

I change mine once a year. Its cheap & easy to do... plus it gives me piece of mind when I'm over 2 hours away from my truck in the middle of the Tennessee mountains. :doh:

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