Buying a bike in canada

Hello all. this question may have been asked before but i will ask it again. I live in idaho. If i bought a bike in canada what would i expect to pay at the border for duty. I have heard that you have to pay duty at the border if you spend too much in canada. So for those who know what i am talkin about i would love to hear what you have to say. Thank you very much.


hey chris!! I just baught a bike in canada, and there was no duty at the border, they just take your sales contract and stamp it. Then they caculate your exchange for that particular day and give you a piece of paper that tells you how much tax you will have to pay in the state you live in.

When you purchase the bike, make sure they dont charge you canadan GST.. Or the 1000.00 yamaha, out of cuntry charge...

ps. watch the exchange rate, it changes every day wait for the best exchange.. :)

I bought my WR450 from Canada and had it shipped down to California. Great deal, $250 for shipping. No customs fee. Watch out for your state's registration issues regarding this. California's rules are problem for me. I am registering out of state....

My friend bought a WR450 in Windsor recently. He had to pay the Canada tax, but should get it back in the mail. There is no duty on motorcycles under 700cc. He hasn't registered the bike in Michigan, but that should be simple.

guess the best way is to contact border patrol. They would know.

A long as your friend provided the dealer with proof that the bike was taken to the U.S. and registered for use there,he shouldn't have had to pay any tax at all.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

contact american motorcycle brokers, they import bikes from canada, they ship the bike in a crate to your door with a title, i'm not sure about other bikes but he sells crf's for $5500.00 smokin deal

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