A thought about magnetic bolts / oil filter cover

I use these items and though I change my oil often enough to where there really isn't any buildup of shavings on the magnets or anything...But what I'm wondering is this:

After having a clump of shavings attached to the magnets, won't those shavings soon become magnetized as well, and thus have the chance to break free and clump together even more shavings while moving through the motor making the problem of metal debris even more damaging as opposed to the pieces not sticking together?

That is a good question but I don't have a answer for you and will be waiting for someone with a little more brain power to answer it.

Pieces of steel or iron that are intercepted by a magnet do gradually become magnetic themselves, true. But that makes them LESS likely to break free of the magnet and wander elsewhere, since it increases the attraction to the magnet.

Theoretically if they were to get loose, then they would have a greater affinity for any other steel part they might encounter, but the likelihood of their doing so is very remote as long as you don't have a high speed oil stream directed at the magnet or something that would mechanically knock the chips loose.

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