wr450 vs yz450 for enduro's

what do u guys reccomend? i love the wr450 but need lots of mods to b as commpetitive as the yz or the ktm - so ive heard... and against it there is the yz that needs a flywheel wieght and thats it (maybe a starter kit later on)

btw i love the yz suspension as im 85 kg. so the yz suspension is better 4 me also.


I would say the 4-speed tranny will kill you in enduros. I know I wouldn't want it.

WR450. I don't know if you can get it, but check out the latest issue of Motorcross Action magazine (April 2003). They take a WR450F and convert it for motorcross duty. When they're done they call it an "electric start YZ450F". Sounds like what you're after.

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