stainless oil filter

Just wondering if anyone uses one of these if so are the worth the money.

They are worth the money. Take em out and clean em. Mine paid for itself in about a year in the bike I had before my YZ.

I have been using a scotts stainless for the last three years, finer mesh, worth the investment

I run one and like it, believe mine is a Flo filter

yes. and yes.

Yep. I like them. I've got the Ready filters.

I have used nothing but Scotts filters in my last 4 bikes since '03. That means I have bought a total of 4 oil filters since then.

I believe they are a better filter than "paper", but the comparison is not as cut and dried as you might think. Here's some reading on the matter:

I use a Filtron SS oil filter and I like it, definately a money savings.

yes and yes

just so NO to paper.......:doh:

been using them for a long time without adverse effects - saves you a lot of money in the long run - I switch between two for faster oil changes, while I leave the cleaning to a later time.

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