More low end acceleration needed- WR450

After riding a local woods race this past weekend, I have found I am much faster in the very tight, wooded snake trails than the 2-stroke, 250cc's. I push em hard in the tight stuff and they often spill allowing a chance to pass. Otherwise it is hard passing on these single track wooded trails. The problem is when we hit a small opening their 2-stroke, 250cc's are quicker to accelerate and I lose the opportunity to pass as they get a 30 foot headstart. What can I do to get the WR450 to get more snap, coming off the low end. I have done all the free mods. Has anyone gone to a 52 rear sprocket?

Alabama, you may want to try a Power Now device. I installed one and it improved throttle response and low end.


You also might try a 13 tooth on your counter shaft, I did on mine and it made a huge diiference.

I went to a 52 tooth rear sprocket . . BIG difference . . I think it's a must east of the Mississippi!

Have you thought about a different pipe?? dont want to loose all your top end.

52 rear sounds good! As for a pipe, I am not sure it would improve over stock with the baffle out? Has anyone had success with a WR450 pipe? I saw a post yesterday by someone who was very disappointed in the FMF Q on a 450.

I am skeptical of claims by aftermarket pipe venders as they only compare theirs to stock with baffle in. You can simply drill a few holes and shorten the stem on your stock baffle and see major improvements, and still be legal. Gloft, how hard was it to get street legal in Georgia?

Dont be missled with the pipe that has no restrictions having the most power ah ah.........different diamiters, different lengths, all sorts of things that determan where in the rev range you will receive the most hp and or torque, i have tested quite a few made by a guy in queensland Aus, they look the same at first glance but the riding caracteristics are all totally different, the latest one im waiting on is to emphasize the low down torque of my 450 camshaft.

I put on a thunder Alley and it definitely improves bottom and mid range pull the only problem with this is the front wheel is faulty as it does not stay on the ground.

I wouldnt change the gearing as you will lose top end

Bama, I put a YZF450 needle in the carb and the bike came alive on the bottom and mid range. It's an easy and inexpensive mod and you will definately be able to tell the difference.

I'm going to try the needle DG.

Thanks for the tip!

Alabama rider, getting a tag wasn't too terrible here in GA. Had to do the following in this order:

1. Get a bonded title from my insurance agent along with liability insurance on the bike.($90.00 for title plus insurance cost)

2. Have bike inspected by our local law enforcement type (all he did was check VIN # against my title). Didn't seem concerned if it was street legal or not.

3. Purchase tag at local office (they send you the actual title in the mail)

That's it. Total cost around $200.00

3. :)

As far as gearing goes, my Endurance computer indicated a max speed of 77 mph at last weeks enduro - I wasn't even ringing its neck! If I need more top end - say for a Desert ride, I'll put the stock sprocket back on.

I went to the local Yamaha dealer (not the one I bought the WR from), and he told me the YZF450 needles were not available yet. That reminded me of why I didn't buy the bike from him in the first place.

David, what is the part number on that needle?

YZ needle is #CVQ part No 5TA-14916-V1

The Euro spec WR's also come with a Richer needle

#DUT Part No 5TA-14916-DT

Check page 328 of your manual

I also have the YZ450 manual in PDF if you need

thanks, maybe now my dealer can find it! What position do you put the clip in? .........

Other good news, I found my sag had settled to 4 1/2". If it rides that well with the sag that far out, I can only imagine what improvement I will see now. That explains the tendency of the rear to spin out on turns..........

Its rained all dang week and I have only ridin once since Saturday. I can now feel how you guys up north must feel in the middle of winter........

Start with the clip in position 4 which is the standard position and work from their

You will probably find it will be spot on

I can now feel how you guys up north must feel in the middle of winter........


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