New Graphics


no pic!

How do you upload pics from the computer?

Use photobucket

Hightlight then Ctrl C then Ctrl V into your post thats all I have to do. Hope this helps.

thanks, I'll try that


Dang thats clean!:doh:

nice bike, new? jk



Looks like you figured it out. Looks good.

I wouldve spent the $$ on a new rear tire. . .hopefully thats next?

no, it's a 400. Runs great so I thought I would make it look as good as it runs. Putting new rubber on tomorrow. As you can see it needs it.

the rocks out here in AZ really tear the tires up fast. That is about ten rides on that tire and it is bald. Gets exspensive. I'm trying a bit tougher tire this time, Dunlop 952

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