WR450F exhaust system

Images and horsepower increases are posted on the Pro-Tec web site. Check out the Pro-Tec Mach 1

Smells like spam to me!!! Why is your web page take us to this site also??

Someone prove to me that just bolting on this exhaust will add 16hp to my WR and I will buy you the latest Ti muffler bearings and give you first shot on the swamp land I have for sale.

a 16.2 hp gain at 8500 rpm???!!???

right :)

It may be a little exagerated but the concept of adjusting the noise level is pretty cool. I would like to get any feedback from anyone that may have dealt with this company and their products. Time to research the web.

I work at a Yamaha shop and have ridden both the WR 250 and WR 450-Stock out of the crate they only run half as good as a YZF so I think the numbers are true.

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