dynatek revbox for 08 yzf450f??

Anybudy try a dynatek revbox for a 08 yz450f? The one with 4 diffrent timing curves seams pretty neat.

Any luck with these?


I've never heard of such a thing . . . why would you want one, for different dirt conditions (mud vs hardpack, etc), or?

I have a vortex unit with 10 maps and it is excellent

Not really for diffrent dirt cond, but more what kind of track/trail your on. If you want more lowend, midrange or topend for the track/trail your on.

Howmuch was the vortex?

how do you switch between the maps?

how do you switch between the maps?

The vortex i think the switch is on the handle bars, and the dynatek i think u gotta switch it derect on the ecu.

Upper position of handlebar switch is always the first map (best overall) and the lower position is the map choosed from a the CDI unit - there is a knob with 10 positions.

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