Need pictures of yzf/wr with black plastics

Wanted to see a picture with black plastics, just curious, if anyone has any send to



I just put mine on. I was going to paint the frame first, but had to reassemble the bike for Legislator Meyers to view. Looks kinda crappy with the blue frame IMHO.

Ignore that, and it is pretty cool! Everything plastic is black. No "Strike Eagle" graphics yet, but I can put my kid's all-black KX65 w/ in a shot.

I haven't figured out web-hosting/picture posting yet, but I will be happy to e-mail you a couple of shots. I will take some tomorrow and do that (I think I remember how... :), if not, I'm sure my 6-year-old knows :D).

Just to let you know, when black plastic gets normal use wear and tear, it looks REAL BAD, and there is little you can do about it.

Just a heads up.

You're right about that, Kevin. My boys' bikes have been through a couple of hard seasons and I learned early on to put clear vinyl over the black plastic before it gets scratched.... as in: Immediately out of the package! They have held up very well; even the plastic I had to paint black.

Even once used and abused, black looks OK if it is UNIFORMLY and thoroughly battle-scarred and scratched! :) Only looks bad next to new stuff.

I have an old fender that I was going to play with using some fine sandpaper for the full matte-black effect. Less pretty/more mean :D. Kids think it is Chuck Norris' bike! :D :D Not sure what movie they mean... :D

Delta Force...

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