Got another question.

Everybody was so helpfull the first time. I though I would expand and seek more help.

Bike: 2001 Yamaha WR426F

1) Need to replace the rear master brake reservoir. Got the part. But what spec fluid is stock?

2) Bike is static and holding the throttle off of idle header glow's bright Red after just a few seconds. Spark plug looks good, no backfire, typical stumble off of idle (no carb mods yet). Running lean or Normal?



The cap on your reservoir will indicate which brake fluid to use... if I remeber correctly it's DOT4 but check the cover.

The glowing header is not uncommon, if it happens as fast as you say it does you may be a little on the lean side of the jetting needs. Most of them will begin to glow if left to sit and idle for any period of time.

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