Maine riders wanted

Any of you Maine hicks ride anything besides 4 wheelers?/? Moving in to my new home in southern Maine the 21st of this month. Need some people who have a semi-serious (meaning ride prepared and sober) attitude and want to go out and ride. Anywhere from 30 to 100+ mile rides are good for the soul. Winter rides are awsome too. Did 60 miles last night. Much faster than on dirt. Lets ride.


Hey Mike,

Check out this website:

A few Guys ME and NH. Alot of riders from MA.

There is going to be a turkey run in Southern Maine, put on by the Seacoast Trailriders in Aug.

Where are you in NH? I just moved up from Londonderry a few months ago. I used to frequent NEDB in the past.

I live on the Sandown/Chester Border off of 102.

NEDB is a nice web site for Local guys.

I just went to a meeting last night about the Noble Woods turkey run that my club is hosting in Berwick, Me. The club also has a few trailrides a year in the same area. I havent been on any of the ME rides but I hear they are great.

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