I Crashed Today!!

Thumbs down I Crashed Today!!

***I have not crashed in a very long time. Guess I was overdue.***

Today we were riding the Motocross, Arenacross, and Supercross Tracks at the Deseret Peak Motorsports Complex here in Utah.

I was trying to get the timing down in this one section on the Supercross Track. It starts off with a 35 ft. double, then a 50 foot jump (single to a tabletop) and then a 65 foot tripple.

As soon as I hit the face of the tripple I knew I was in big trouble. I came up short and bailed off the bike after being 25 ft. in the air. (I usually don't do this, I usaully hang on). I have a big strawberry on my left elbow/forearm, scrapes in my left armpit (from the rear fender stabbing me), a slightly sprained left ankle with bruises, and a huge lump/bruise/scrape on my left ass/thigh.

I got up and was PISSED!! I was so upset that I crashed, I was hitting the dirt.

It was the last jump of the day and freekin Murphy got me again. When will I ever learn that when it's time to go, IT'S TIME TO GO! If I would have listened, I would not have crashed. Oh well, you're not learning unless you crash right?

Pictures to follow as soon as my buddy "Blackie" downloads them from his digital camera............db :)

Murphy will get you every time. It's a shame none of us never seem to learn this lesson. On a brighter side, it could have been worst.

Hope ya feel better.

Thanks for the sympathy Crazythumpin. To view the crash images, click here: CRASH & BURN


The pics look great! Good sequence shot of the dreaded event.



Did you edit and upload the video of you yet?............db

That sucks man but you are still lucky to have walked away to ride another day.

Did you hear about the tragedy of one of our fellow off road enthusiasts at the monster truck show this past weekend in Tucson, AZ? The driver of a ford ranger hit a large jump and landed upside down with no roll bar, the cab was flattened and the whole family watched on. It really makes me think how often we all push the limits so much of the time and when it's your time it's your time. I think a moment of silence or a prayer is in order for our fallen comrade and the family he left behind.

Thanks TT'rs

Take Care, and keep it on two


This post is the exact reason I didn't come today!! (well, one of them) The last time I was out there, I did the exact same thing. I kept hitting the little tabletop (don't know if it is still there) and I crashed on the last run. :D Sorry to hear about the bad luck.

The only motocross track I want to ride is the one you rode a while ago. I wanna ride on the bunker hill track. It looks simple and well suited to my low skill level (i.e. FUN!!)

Let's ride either in the desert or at the bunker hill track sometime soon.

Chris :)

I always tell my sons, and myself, "If you aren't crashing occasionally, you aren't trying to improve." Staying within your limits will never expand them.

(note: I don't recommend this approach for our pilot members! :):D)

Just my version of "Man's reach should always exceed his grasp". :D

I'd consider yourself lucky. My riding buddy snapped his femur (thighbone), tore ligaments at his kneecap which wound up lower thigh and generally f'd himself up pretty bad a few years ago trying to clear a triple. He started to go sideways and stayed with the bike resulting in a pile-drive of his leg into the ground, bike and all. The hospital stories from this are pretty gruesome. His son did the same thing, on the same jump the next season. Now he is a trail only man. Glad to hear you are OK.

I did something similar off of a 70 ft double. Wind blowing really hard and I decided too late to get off the bike and ditch it. I came down and crushed and dislocated my ankle and broke my tibia and fibula. I had a plate in my leg and rods sticking out of my ankle. It sucked and I still limp a little when I'm tired. Now I try and stay in the woods and on the ground. :)

That was a good sequence of pics. Glad that you're okay and not hurt any worse.

Looks like you might have made it if you stayed on, although it would have still been a major slam. Glad you're okay. Did the bike make it out alright?

I thought about it afterwards, as I never bail my motorcycles. This was the first time. I usually hang on for the whole entire ride. If I stayed on, I may have slammed into the last bump and endoed over. I'm not sure what may have been worse.

The WR426 held up just fine (my poor baby). The plastics are a little scratched and the stock bars are finally bent (all damage on the left side). Time for some new stronger ones..............db :)

P.S. Thanks for the bleeding hearts guys. :D

It's about time you bent those bars. I was surprised your stock bars looked so good out at Bunker Hill MX, I figured you never went down. Nice to know you're human.


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