Places to ride in MI

Say DeBarker, I also live in the Traverse City area and I am always looking for someine to ride with. Interested?

Originally posted by DeBarker:

OK.. Here is the deal... Michigan has over 3000 miles of legal trail... Most of it built and mapped by these people...The CCC of Michigan.

Since you are in NY.... Try e-mailing the organization and request the latest issue of their monthly "Great Lakes Trailrider"... It has an extensive list and description of all the various trail loops... With name, location, length, degree of difficulty, type of trail, width of trail... all that good stuff.

It also has the list of 12 or so "Trail Tours" which are organized trail rides with an average of 200 riders signed up to "tour" that trail that weekend... with arrowed loops like an enduro, all coming back to the usually 'primitive' campground.

I would recommend the trail tours... lots of dedicated friendly fun trail riders. And if you ever had troubles, there will always be somebody coming along within 10 minutes.

Some locations are better than others.

I will say that few trails in Mich have a great degree of diffuculty, there is a lot of sand, and not many real hills, and little to no mud or river crossings.

The farther North you go the more interesting (challenging) the trails are.

Sounds like all us Michigan riders need a change in the weather so we can get out from behind these keyboards.

i'll have to try wolverine then. i need to ride on real dirt more often. riding in the sand all the time ruins any shred of throttle control and i might've had. the wide open/skid into berm/dump clutch/wide open/skid into berm/dump clutch michigan woods riding technique doesn't seem to work anywhere else!


93 cr250, terrible suspension, missing fasteners, smashed pipe.

yeah, instead of sitting at work all day dreaming of dirtbikes we'll be skipping work, sitting in traffic on i-75, and sleeping in a tent every weekend. can't wait!

ps- going for a ride in ohio tomorrow. i spent the winter rebuilding the cr and i'm gonna take it out for this year's first adventure! :)

ps- i don't have a 400/426 and i don't want one either, but this forum is a great source of riding info for those who like to go through the woods!


93 cr250, terrible suspension, missing fasteners, smashed pipe.

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