Jardine vs. Leo Vince

I'm finally buying a quiet pipe for my '08 YZ450F. I'm going to order it Friday.

I'm trying to decide between a Leo Vince or Jardine system. Up until recently I was set on the X3 Enduro, but now the Jardine RT94 has peaked my interest.

I'm not sure which to get now. I know Leo Vince builds good stuff, but from what I understand the RT94 is whisper-quiet, but then again I have no experience with Jardine, nor do I know anybody that does.

BTW the price difference between each exhaust isn't enough to factor in on my decision.

What to do, what to do.........

I don't have any experience with the Jardine but I had the Leo Vince X3 on my '06 and liked it. Power was good and build quality was very good. It had a very nice sound yet it was quiet.

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