Engine rebuild

Well I have a solid 3 years of street riding and ice racing (~25 000km) on my 06 450. I've decided it would be best to replace some things before they let go. Namely the crank and valves. I have my eye on a complete wiseco crank kit and a set of kibblewhite ss valves. The piston was replaced last fall. Are there any high wear items I should replace while I have the cases apart? Any suggestions would be really helpful.

I'd do the waterpump shaft and seals while it's all apart, check all your gears make sure the shift forks and dogs aren't wearing. Basically just give everything a good once over to make sure you're only putting good parts back in.

Definitely do your timing chain.

nothing else really - but if you're changing to SS valves, you also have to change the valve springs and should do the seats.

From what I have read and been told it is better to use the OEM valves, crank, piston etc.... Yamaha's parts are suppose to hold up better.

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