Couple YZ26 questions

I feel like a total n000000b here, but here goes. Where I do put the oil in my YZ426? This is what im looking at...


What are those red plugs?

Also when I took the flywheel cover off a bunch of oil came out,so I just lifted the motor sideways and let it drain from there. This motor is in a 250r hybrid atv.image0017.jpg

and how do i decipher the vin? It is.... H303E-002669 Does the 00 mean I have a 2000 motor? Thanks everyone for my newbie questions!

The red plugs are parts of a DRD wet sump conversion kit. You'll have to fill it to the level in the sight glass (the red "plug" with the two bolts holding it on) by pouring it in through the timing plug. Drain from the plug under the trans. The engine will now hold less than a quart, and you will need to change it every day you ride it. :doh::snore:

Your alternative is to buy a complete new pair of oil pumps, a set of lines, and add a tank.

Thanks for the info.

I poured in over a quart and I didnt see any in the window, at all. any ideas?

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