oil replacement

i just did another oil change and forgot where the third drain bolt was. I just opened the main and the filter drain. I then lean it on its side and drained several cups worth out of the filter drain. I now know where the third one is after reading the manual again. I am wondering if there is a lot of settlement next to the (5) drain bolt. I have done a couple changes without unscrewing this bolt. Also, is using 15-40 oil ok? ive always used 10-50 yamalube.


There will be some sediment around the crankcase drain, yes, but more importantly, there's quite a bit of dirty oil in there that you haven't been draining.

Read this post and the post it links to:


It will help you understand things better.

As to oil, the chart on the page before the one showing the drain plug locations, which also appears in section 2, clearly states 15w-40 is acceptable. Looking at the manual, you can see that Xw-40 oils are OK up to ambient temps of 114 ℉. I run a 10w-40 almost all the time.

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