Anyone made a carb heat shield?

I took sometime last night in the garage and made a nice alum heat shield for my carb on my 09 450. I know you can buy the carbon ones but I did not want to spend over 50 bucks for one. I have seen them on some of the pro factory bikes and thought it would be a good idea. I'll post some pics later of it, it looks pretty trick on there! I just wanted to know if anyone else, has took the time to make one?

Pics please!

I did a quick and easy one with Helix foil/glass cut from the sheet; combination of hot melt and zip ties, it hangs over the carb like a curtain. Not the prettiest, but it does help. On my son's CRF450 I glued it on to the bottom of his tank as the Hondas "drop" in and sit right over the engine.

Here's a few pics sorry I didn't think to take any when I finished it.. Would of made more sense to do that but I can take it off it someone wanted to see it better. It looks clean on there doesn't look tacky, as you can see in the pics I like my stuff to be clean and pretty!





Looks sharp what did you use for material?

Cool mod.

(Not down talking your mod but ...)

I think I would rather put a heat shield around the tank though. A lose of power can be created by fuel being warm or hot. The tank I would imagine would warm the fuel much more than the carb.

Nice job on that; like I said, mine is very similar, but not as neat! I think the tank is important but the Yamis aren't effected as much as the zooks, hondas or kawis due to the design of their frames. However, it seems that the Yami pipes are the closest to the carb specifically in close proximity to the float bowl. Good Mod:thumbsup:


I know what your saying I have used foil tape and done the whole underside of the tank with it. But I haven't done it to this one yet. I really just didn't like the glowing red header so close to the carb bowl. I know there wont be a difference to ride it but it looks cool and its a piece of mind that my carb will run cooler lol..

I made it out of aluminum then added this aluminum foil sheeting to the one side for heat reflective.

I made one out of thin gauge stainless steel. Aluminum absorbs heat and stainless rejects heat(but weighs alot). My heat shield weighs next to nothing. I made it so it covers carb at 2 angles and bends to cover accelerator pump cover. I also used the foil tape under the tank. I will try to post pictures after I do the photo bucket thing.

Okay, I did my photobucket thing. Here are a couple pictures




Aluminum absorbs heat and stainless rejects heat
Stainless absobs heat too, it just does so more slowly than Al does. Aluminum also dissipates heat more rapidly than SS by far, and so can absorb a great deal more heat energy before it gets hot itself. If you want to improve the thermal reflectivity of Al sheet, polish the hot side, and leave the cold side dull. On a theoretical level, SS has some advantage as a heat shielding material, but from a practical standpoint the advantage in this application is very small. As long as an air gap is maintained between the shield and the carb, either material will work as well as the other.

I made nylon spacers to space it from the carb which should help.

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