Auto clutches Z-START or EFM Billet

I have been interested in a auto clutchs ever since the Revloc came out, but $1000 plus is just to much money. I recently found out about the Z-Start ($400 )and the EMF billet ($600)auto clutches. These are prices I can handle.I am kind of leaning towards the Z-Start but would like to hear some experianced opions about both.

No responses!!! Are these both junk or is it that no one has any experiance with them.

We are just getting the z-Starts out for the Yamahas. They've been available for the CRFs for quite a while. You should start hearing about them on the blue side in the next week.

Besides price, I think the z-Start has a number of other technical advantages: no modifications to any existing clutch parts, very little additional weight, weight of the clutch supported by the transmission input shaft, etc. The z-Start also includes external adjustment now which is a really nice feature to have. If you'd like to discuss further give me a call at 208-426-0659.

I had NO IDEA the Z-Start existed until I read this thread this morning!! THANK YOU! I spoke with Al this morning and placed my order. Hopefully it will be ready Friday so I can get it installed this weekend. I'm headed to Moab on Wednesday and would like to break it in before I go.

I talked to Z- Start Teusday and it didn`t take much convicing to order one. He talked like I would`nt see mine until next week but I did`nt tell him there was a rush or anything. The best thing is his warranty, 30 days satisfaction gauranteed, how can you beat that.

Had I even known about it before yesterday I would have pre-ordered one weeks ago! You can't beat $400. I'm sure he's taking a huge chunk of business away from the "other" guys. :) I hope it works as advertised. I was told possibly tomorrow but probably on Monday. I want to ride with it in Moab next week but won't have time to install it if it's ready on Monday. :D It's convenient for me since they're based out of Boise I can just run down on my way home from work and pick it up. :D Friday, Al. Friday, Al. Friday, Al! PLEASE Al!! :D :D

ddialogue, where in Boise are they and where can I find more info on it? Do they have a Web site?

The website address is I have one on order for my 450 also.

I'm going down to the shop right now to make sure the 450F spacers are coming out of the CNC ok. If you want, you can bring your bike by and we'll install it for you. We'll have some time this evening after the big UPS rush (ends at 6pm) or after our Blacks Creek ride tomorrow, or anytime next week. Just takes about 15 minutes.

I talked with Al on thursday afternoon and as long as the spacers are finished he is going to overnight me mine so that I can track test it when I go on sunday. I will post a report after I get finished playing!! AL I'M WAITING!!!!


Eric :)


Hey Dave,

you should do a product evaluation test for Pictures of the install and then video of the bike in action. Just a thought. is on my favorites list. Very cool. :):D :D

Hi Al. Could you give me an update on when you might start pumping out an auto clutch for the DRZ400? I want to be the first of thousands to order one from you Thanks!



I'll take some photos tonight of the installation process and if it's ok with Al I will gladly post some photos. I'm trying not to act like a little kid on Christmas....but I can't help it! :):D

Slow day over on the XR650 side???

Thanks for the correction.

You need a Z-Start. No more flame outs in the tight stuff. LOL :):D :D

No - it's pretty busy over there. The current topic is what lip balm is best at matching the Honda Red.

It's sad we can't shear a key or two to perk things up :)

Just talked with Al and he said he is doing yours tonight after he sends mine out. Let me know how it works and if there are any issues if you could before I put mine in tomorrow.


Eric :)

:D:):D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D;):p:D:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Just got back from Al's place. Got the Z-Start installed and's pretty darned cool! I'm going to try and get some break-in time on it tomorrow and get it adjusted to my liking. I will say that it's definitely bizarre not having the clutch lever; it's just second nature to reach over and grab it. I'm glad that Al and Danny installed and tuned it for me as I think the installation may have been a bit over my head. I know it would have taken me twice as long.

So we finally got the z-Start in a YZF450 and a WR450 this evening (I've put quite a bit of time on the 426F, a bike I had better access to). The only real problem we had is with the clutch cable bracket location on the 450. On the 450 it's been moved behind the barrel. It's not real easy to get to and the distance between the bracket and the clutch actuator arm is much shorter than it is on the 426F. The clutch perch mounted adjuster we are working on will be especially nice for the 450 guys.

Anyways, to make the 450 work with the external adjusters and springs we have, it is necessary to rotate the bracket that holds the clutch cable on the engine case.

Ekemner, your the only one getting a Saturday delivery and your instructions need to be updated based upon what we learned tonight. Please call me in the morning at 208-761-1626. I'll be up at 6:30am but I'll be riding by 10:00am, mountain time.

The short of it is 5 mounting shims (don't worry about measuring your clutch plate wear for now), remove the circlip from your bike's throw-out mechanism and loosen your clutch cable bracket and rotate it clockwise out of it's centering hole so the external adjuster has enough room to pull on its spring. Everything else in the manual should be accurate.

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