Clutch pull hard

How do you soften the clutch pull with this hydraulic clutches? My buddy has a Husqvarna (2-smoke) that I rode this weekend and his clutch could be pulled easily with two fingers (new cable) ... I want that! :)

I have found a lot of the resistance is due to the small ID hose causing a damping effect. This is more noticable in cool weather. I changed the fluid to BelRay HVI 3wt shock fluid with some improvement. RedLine makes a super lightweight fluid I plan to try. A larger hose would be a good fix, EE hoses for KTMs have the correct fittings but I suspect they are too short. Other than that try the EE lever, they trade clutch travel for leverage but would probably work good on the 'Dale because the 'Dale has no drag at all with the stock lever.

My brother just got a new Husky WR250, nice bike. If you think that clutch is nice try a GasGas hydraulic clutch.

I only need one sometimes two fingers on my E 440 clutch.

Next step would be a Revlock.

I tried the clutch on a GAS GAS trials bike and I didnt even know I was pulling something. I could even pull it with my pinky. :)

The ECs/XCs are just as easy. They really got the whole clutch system perfect. When its tight for miles, and your on and off the clutch hundreds of times it makes a big difference.

Clutch lever pull. . . .

Whats that?

:):D :D




I've been debating the EFM vs. the 20mm TSR clamps as the next mod. I can make the clutch pull eaiser very cheap. The cumbersome steering in the tight bothers me a lot more than the clutch, so considering my style and preferances I'm going with the clamps.


you are way faster and clearly a better rider than this ol you know what.

Me, I love the clutch its beyond sweeeet and awesome.

Steering, heck at 6'3" and 225 before gear, I put the bike where I want it....and after Les did the front end, got the proper HEAVY spring in the rear so I wasnt doing the lowrider chopper copy, forks pulled to the top line, it dives to the inside like a dream or goes choose.

Love the clutch the end of a long run when you get tired and the arms are getting solid, its nice not to have to worry bout the clutch when the pace gets over your head in the snotty stuff.......very nice!




Its a tough call, each will clearly be an improvement. Your right though, with your size you can make the bike do what you want, that would wear me out too fast. I figure the clamps and getting the axel more foward in the swingarm will give the bike a shorter, more agile feel. Also, keep in mind I'm talking about REAL tight, lock to lock, boil out your stock coolant stuff. I think the bike steers good in all other conditions, its just long, thats all.

Im doing another round of mods, engine reliability stuff and some electrical as well as the clamps over the next month. I'll let you know how it goes.

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