I should know this

At 55 yrs. old I should have known better.....

Since I got my 03 YZ450 I have had bad problems going down

STEEP HILLS. Especially dry hard packed sandy hills!

With new Tech 6 boots I can't feel the back brake pedal

real good yet ( Boots stiff) so I use alot of front brake.

and let the engine coast in second or third gear.

The question is: Can the manual compression release be

installed on the 450? It looks like all the mounts and

threaded holes are the same as the 426.....and will it help going down hills. Like the old t.t.500s did. Since I have the idle turned up to keep from stalling, it halls ass

going down hill in third gear.....Scary with no back brake.

Before I die ha ha ha what can I do to make down hills

a little better.

BC3 :)

The cam on the 450 handles the decomp. My guess is you would have to install a 426 cam for the manual decomp.

Why and when would you use the decomp lever going down hills? What would it do for you? :)

I've heard pulling the decomp lever while the engine is running can mess up the valves. :D

it halls ass

going down hill in third gear

So why not put it in 2nd or 1st? There was a discussion on here a while back about how bad it was for your bike to pull in the decompression while it is running. I have done it to my 02 on accident and it didn't hurt anything, but I sure wouldn't make a habit of doing it.

Why would you want to slow down anyway? Just pretend its falt and pin it! :)


With all of my t.t.500s I would pull the compression release

going down hill to keep the rear wheel rolling but not

using too much engine compression to try and lock up the

rear wheel and kill the engine...worked great,and didn't

hurt the valve train......that was then. The new four

strokes might not like this....Would be nice to hear from

someone that uses this method of going down hill on the

new bikes....


Won't pulling the clutch give you the same result as what the decomp lever did for you?

You can put the manuel decomp on the bike i look for the partnumber you'll need. and post in a bit.

Cory, in Northern Cal we have tons of trees to miss. Going

a hundred works sometimes.....but. Some control at slower

speeds is nice.Sounds like your in your twentys. Let me

know if your riding style changes when your 55. Your scaring

me Cor Man.

BC3 :)

Yeah I have been pulling the clutch in,but with these Tech 6

boots I can't :) use the rear brake in a controled fasion yet.

( still very stiff) maybe never. So with the clutch pulled in and inconsistant rear brake application......Scary stuff

on long steep hill with no run off.


Gotcha. you got yourself into a situation I see.

If the boots won't break in for you, try filling them with water and wearing them until they dry (like while riding or doing sh-t around the house or running all your errands :)). It's a crappy afternoon for sure, but it used to work for me in the 80's breaking in AXO and Hi-Point boots.

Here is the link for everybody. web page Look in the menu for decompressor(opt)

Walk around i nthem ALOT. and Keep the leather parts of the boot well greased with leather grease or what ever it is called. Lin seed oil will work also. Then just walk around them. Do the house chores, run errands, when your not doing anything. They will break in. Trust me.

The decomp on your old 500 was a different type of compreression release. The 400/26 have a mechanical release that holds the valve bucket down. Using the decomp on a running engine allows the cam lobe to "slap" the bucket, would you hit to hammers together? On your old 500 the compression release was like a air chuck that only let out compression. But if you want one I'll sell you the set up, lever,cable, and the shaft itself. How much???


Major Props for still riding or even just being alive, man 55 is OLD (jk, 43 here)

my 4.50 cents

1. installed the Dr. D 8oz flywheel, perfect for trail riding, enduro's etc.

2. Break your boots in, Ricky Johnson secert for stiff boots. With you sitting on the bike, foot on peg, Boots on, push toe down toward ground, alternate feet.

My 68 yr old buddy flies on the KTM 400. No compression release.


Maybe I do this wrong...going down steep hills where i need control I just sort of trials ride it down. Never let the speed get up so that I have to make that sharp turn at speed, I use engine compression all the way down, 80% front and 20% rear.

I brake when the rev's get to high

Should I be doing somthing different



The real issue is as MXOldTimer has hit on - the YZF and the TT had two very different compression release systems.

Additionally, my YZF compression release does not produce any significant engine braking when pulled in. If you were to install a similar design, I think you would be disappointed in comparison to the TT type setup.

Lastly, keep in mind that this may not be the best technique to resolve your issue.

For downhills, too much rear wheel braking will cause the rear wheel to want to pass the front of the bike.

I usually grab the clutch lever with all fingers so to lock a strong hold on the bars, then use the brake levers to maintain control over bike and wheel speed. This way if the rear end starts to swing away I can just release the rear brake and not have to worry about engine braking delaying the correction.


Man I know the feeling on those Tech 6 boots. I bought a pair last year the day before a race and yes, I did terrible in the race, overshooting turns, no control....

It took about a month to break in the boots, now I wouldn't trade them in for anything.

Going down hills, I usually pull clutch in, sit way back on bike and use my front brake extensively with rear brake to swing bike around turns (locking them up). Works for me and have never stalled it.

One thing I have noticed about this club.....You better have thick skin and be able to take a joke...( I do and can)

You guys are ruthless when it comes to advice ha ha ha .

I like it. Looking forward to more conversations. I guess I probably should break in the boots before I do anything else

Since Im 55 and almost dead ha ha ha


Do all worn out old guys buy YZ450s and ride with

fast KIDS?


Thank you MX813 someone that actually experianced what I

have been talking about....Like I told everybody before.

I think just breaking in the boots will solve my problem..

Because beyond all popular belief, I can ride down a steep

slippery hill... But not without a rear brake

Almost Dead 55 yr old BC3 :)

A compression release will take away your compression braking and make you haul ass down the hill, not slow down. It would be like pulling in the clutch.

Just shift down to 2nd, stay off the throttle and it will take you down nice and easy. That's what 4 strokes are good at. It won't stall. Locking up the rear tire with the brake will make it stall.

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