Troubleshooting.. maybe its me.. (Corky Skidplate)

I am installing the Corky Skid Plate mod to my BD skidplate and it doesn't line up flush with the frame. I got about 1-1.5 cm space between the two. The mounting tabs look flush and solid on the frame. It had the hangars prior to this on it.

Somebodys gotta have an idea. I know the spacers should be cut from the same mold :!:)

Do you have a pic of the problem?


I will tonight. When mounted there is 1mm of space between frame rails and the actual skid plate :\

I just checked mine and it has the same clearance as yours.

And it sure makes washing the mud out of it easier. :)

As a side note, you might want to put some closed cell foam between the engine cases and side wings of the plate to quiet it up. It really resonates with the new mountings. :D

Well I wasn't sure if it was supposed to line up like that. Corky claims it isn't supposed to have a gap on it. Not sure what it could hurt? Maybe warp the skidplate under a big hit?


"I got about 1-1.5 cm space between the two"

"When mounted there is 1mm of space between"

Which is it, 1mm or 10-15mm? From the pics it looks like there's no gap at all :) If it's 1mm then it's really not a problem. I can't see that it'll warp the plate and might give it a little 'give' to absorb impact. Just MO.

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