The Great Oil Debate

Here is a site that has done a fairly comprehensive study on motorcycle oil vs auto oil. It will take some time to get through it all but the graphs will help.

One interesting conclusion:

"Mobil 1 motorcycle oil: is it worth buying? The viscosity of this bike oil has been changed from Mobil 1's standard 15W-50 to 20W-50. This just happens to be what Harley specs for their bikes. If you smell a marketing ploy here, you may want to trust your nose. The additive package appears the same amongst all the 50 weight Mobil 1 oils."


Thanks Lee. Interesting information.

When was this study done ?


Very good info here but it leaves out the Friction modifier info. I believe that Maxima uses even higher Phosphorus and Zinc, as much as 3,000 parts per million. Most of the Automotive type uses less than 2,000 PPM. The article is listing the Mobil 1 V-twin oil and that is a LOW rpm oil not high Rpm like we use. You never see a Harley at a constant 5-8,000 + rpm. They also don't list type of synthetic oils, whether PAOs or Esters. Although thoughtful it is not through in its comparisons.

Thanks for the information provided though.



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