Seat foam for 03 yzf250 Availability ?

Ok, I have had it with the stock seat.(03 yzf250) Where can I get thicker or better seat foam ? Yes I stand up when I ride, but I also have to use the seat ocassionally. Will my stock seat cover work with the taller foam ? Anyone ?

I have been waiting on a complete seat from SDG since I picked my bike up 2 months ago. That is the way to go, they will have a tall seat as well with a full gripper seat in solid colors or in a stock replica. Standard seat is like $99 tall $105 and you can bolt on and go. I was going to order a griper seat cover, but this is only slightly more compared to some covers.

where did you order it for that much ?

Guts seat foam is the way to go, but you'll have to get a seatcover for the taller foam.


Just got my Guts Hi-Foam & Competition Gripper Seat cover yesterday. Installing tonight. At 6"3' this is a must for me along w/ 10mm higher bar clamps & the lowered & back DSP Pegs. I've had good luck w/the medium density on my last 2 YZ's. It's a little more work than the SDG, but the foam is much better.

I agree with Science. I just put the Guts Racing tall/firm foam on my 2002 and 2003 250f. It feels great. The 2002 seat foam creates a flatter seat/tank junction for easier cornering. They also have great covers - I got the "competition" gripper cover.

I didn't see the foam at the Guts site. Rather, I saw some really cool seat covers.... Well, that and that fat glob on the YZF. I dunno guys; Looks like somebody went to advertising school 101 and ate the books for lunch. :)

To the foam & cover...

Does Guts make the foam, or just sells someone elses? I see where Factory Effex is one of their "friends".

I just got thru installing a Factory Effex tall & firm seat foam, and a FMF grip seat cover. It's a little softer and about an inch taller than stock. I don't believe the stock seat cover will fit on the tall foam, at least not very well.

Also, Ceet makes aftermarket foam and three levels of grip.

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