Forest Hill People

Went to Forest Hill today and did loop 5. Wow! What a haul. Also did loop 2 which was full speed and go. Lots of fun, anyway, my question there an enduro up there at night? on loop 5? My buddy said yes. That would be difficult.


Pm cisco he lives up there.I hadn't heard of one up there at night though.

is there an enduro up there at night?

I went to the 1st annual TT ride and Trail5 was a blast. Those belted hill climbs are a trip. Can't even imagine them holding a night ride on that trail with the drop offs it has.

That's freakin nuts to even think of doing an enduro or let alone riding on Trail 5 at night. Even with a full moon I doubt it would help you see with the trees. I for one wouldn't try it. Even so, I haven't heard of any enduro's running at night there.


Forest Hill? I went Sunday, the whole place was closed???? Had to go to the dunes, what a long day!

D-36 use to put on a day in the dirt at forest hill as a fund raiser. Daytime there was a porker run and at night there was a night enduro. if my recollection is correct, the last one was a few years ago. It was a fun event not really competition.; I do not recall them running five as part of the night enduro.

I want to say it was the Hayward Motorcycle Club that put on the night enduro. I gotta tell you that 5 would be tough because its tough during the day.

I'm taking today off to rest my body after the beating I took. My bike, though, is fine.

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