Had a leak test done on my '04

Well it was not good news I am getting 10% blowback past my rings and this will be the second top end needing to be done on the bike so I was told the cylinder will most likely need to be replated. What do you guys think I should do?

probably won't need to be replated, just deglazed and you can do that yourself with a scotchbrite pad. I've seen cylinders go for much longer than two top ends. Get it spec'd to make sure it's all still within the limits and get the crosshatch put back in - any shop should be able to do that for under 30 bucks.

Thanks man. I talked to the guy I bought it from and he said when he checked out the cylinder when he put in the new and current topend that it was on the edge of needing to be replated. I think I am gonna tear her down and see where I'm at.

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