denver riders

anybody been to rampart lately? my bike has been in pieces for awhile and now i'm jonsin' to ride. don't really want to hit the track or drive to pueblo. any thoughts?

I bet its covered with snow. Went there weeks ago before the last snow and it was holding lots of ice. It might be fun with screwed tires though.

You could fight the (wknd) crowds at the Pawnee Grassland.

You could also take the drive down to the Texas Creek area off of Hwy 50, just west of Canon City. We were just up there last weekend, most of the area's were open, just the higher elevation and some north facing sides were a little snowed in, but still passible without studs. It's suppose to be in the high 50's all this week in that area... Just in time to ride again.


OT What kind of riding is there at Texas Creek? Is the parking and trails well markedd?

We are going somewhere this Friday and Sunday and would like to try something new.


The riding down there is not like the Divide trail system and not like Pueblo.. Some sand, some rock, or ton's o rocks, depending on which trail you pick. But the parking area is pretty good sized, and the main trails are marked.. But they do create new trails that are not marked.


My riding buddy and myself are heading down to Pueblo this weekend. We planned on riding the trails by the motocross track?, never been there. Any advice on a better place to ride? or how are those trails?

Pueblo is fun now and then. It is becoming a garbage dump though. Last time I was there, some of the good hills had brush dumped all over the face and one of the hills you could see glisten from a mile away from the broken glass bottles and shot gun shells. Other good places to ride are the Tanner/Stultz trail system just outside Canon City. It is a fairly short loop but they are good trails. You could probably still find little pieces of radiator on one of the trails where I trashed the right side radiator last time I was there :). Texas Creek is a great place too. Some friends and I will head there this Saturday. First ride in 4 months since I've been repairing my bike WOO HOO! The bike looks brand new... for now :D.

Yo Keener. Thanks for the tip on the Pawnee Grasslands. Sounds like a lower altitude area I could take my kids to rather than Watkins or Pueblo (too crowded/messy). What is the terrain like ? Visiting the website I hear about this "draw", is that the only trail system there ?

Hey Grateful. If you do Pueblo and want true single track cruise the South area of the park down by the railroad tracks by the river. You actually cross the tracks and head straight South. If you succeed in finding these single tracks you'll be done at the river cooling your heels. Watch out for the cactus. And oh, by the way. Pueblo is infamous for head-ons, so have a spotter clear you on those two-way hillclimbs if you're going big. Be sure to park upwind within the park. The dust is huge.

The draw is about the extent of the riding at Pawnee. It's

small but a pretty good time for a while. There is (or was)

a natural terrain track laid out that's pretty fun for some


Aztec also has a beginners track if you're looking for other ideas.


Is Aztec still gouging people at the gate? Last I heard they were charging close to $20.00 to use the track? :)

If you don't have a membership they are charging a $8 one day membership fee with a $10 usage fee. Memberships are pretty cheap, running about $40 starting in January and pro-rate for the rest of the year, depending on what month you join.

I think I'll be heading down to Texas Creek this Saturday also. I think with this warm weather, there will be a good amount of snow melted off.


Okay, Thanks for the update. I don't know if I could justify the membership. A lot of tracks charge between $8 and $10 for non-memebers. :)

Can anyone get me some directions and drive time for Texas Creek?? Please???


From Colorado Springs, we usually take the South Academy exit 135 to Hwy 115. We take that until we hit Hwy 50. Go west thru Canon City. Texas Creek is about 25 to 30 miles west of Canon City. There is a lone gas station and a ATV Tour/Rental shop on the corner. Take a right at the gas station and follow the road to the parking lot area.

It takes us about 1 1/2 hours - 1 3/4 to make the trip.


Get your bike fixed Race? I'll be at Texas Creek with some friends on Saturday if anyone else is going to be there then. It hasn't been decided whos vehicle we will be driving though, but it will either be a red chevy pickup or something towing a red 3 rail trailer.

We have a group of about 6 riders, all on a 18ft red flat bed trailer towed a Green Dodge Ram 2500. Stop by if you want..


Wicked, CU,

The bike is up and running. I did a little tune session at berthoud last weekend. (the throttle cable was pulling) and she ran fine. The wife and kids need to get out and run a little this weekend too, so, I may be there!! :):D

We would be in a green expedition pulling an old three rail. The Expedition has "Yamaha factory racing" (in my dreams) in the rear window. I will definately stop by if you guys are out there!!!

Jason "Racemile" Mighell

Pawnee isn't a true trail system. It's more of a "freeride" area. Ride around and find a kicker, berm, or whatever. It appears to be a good place for kids because they can play around and you can watch from above the draw. it can get crowded though.

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