WR450 delivery

Has anyone heard when the Canadian WR450s will be in?

You Lads in canada are special you will probably get them tomorrow. Us in the States will have to wait till december like the rest of the world.


My dealer here in Winnipeg tells me sometime in Sept. but I'm not sure if that's just wishfull thinking or not. I wonder if the Canadian versions will still have the different exhaust end cap?

yea the YZ's

Hey Wacko, aka Wayne,

Just got back into dirt biking this year. Met BigDR from this site and have been out a couple times with him.

Been meaning to look you & Pat up to go for a ride one of these days.


PS - I'm also working on Ken to get a new bike. He got a 73 Kaw 175 that he plays on but he's talking about buying something new.

My new WR450 should be to my dealer(Berkley Ca. Yamaha ) sometime in early november. I have had a deposit on one since early June. I currently have a 2000 wr400 that I use as my dual sport bike.I love it!!!!! But with a bigger motor on the 03, I feel the need for more power.

For Waco & EOmotobro

WOW, this is the first I've heard any dealer say Sept or November deliveries for USA WR450 bikes.

I hope your right, I keep hearing December.

I'm considering buying a WR250F or WR450F when they become available. Has anyone heard if they will be Green Sticker bikes in CA? If not I'll buy a KTM, I want to dual sport it.

Never mind, did a search and got the answer. Looks like my next bike will be a KTM.

Wake Up Yamaha

Actually Yamaha Canada is now saying that the WR450 will be here in January.

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