Race gas!

The availability has always been the problem for me. And in So. California you just can't bring in your plastic tank and get 5 gallons because the fire dept says that it is a fire hazard. So, it is now sold in 5 gallon drums at the dealerships etc, and you end up paying for the drum too. It's expensive that way. Does Trick, VP, Unical or any others, allow you to buy in like 30 gallon containers? What is the best way to get the best deal on race gas?

wow!thats a bummer.the place i get it at you just pump it your self into your can.they have all the flavors right there.they also have unleaded race gas in different flavors.thats a seprate pump,but you can put it right into your car or bike. :)

i used to buy it in 55 gallon drums and have it delivered to my house 2 at a time.the driver from the place i got it from hassled my wife about moving them into the shed.i dont use them any more.

it saved a little money,but i dont use nearly as much as i used to.

What do you think a 55 gal drum would cost for 104+ octane? How do you get it out of the drum?

i paid right at $200 for a 55 gallon drum.at $4.00 a gallon,i saved bout $20.not sure about there.i use trick 110 which is made by phillips 66.same as b-32.

i have a manual pump for the drum.they are cheap.the place you get the fuel from should have them.

Got any contact phone numbers?

distrubutor list

i forgot they just changed the name to TRACK TEK.i use the TT111.this list should get you what you need.

heres the home page with fuel info.


Thanks Burned,

I found some T-111 pretty close to my work for $4.50 a gallon and I can just bring my can and get as much as I want. I'll probably get 10 gallons at a time, use 4-5 gallons per day and have enough for two days+ worth. I store it in a steel gas can!

Boy I wish I could say I rode enough to use 4 or 5 gallons a day!!! It would take me 6 months to use 5 gallons! Gas is not the only thing that is a premium in my life, sadly riding time is too! More power to ya Phile!!! Maybe you could describe your daily rides once in a while and let us "unfortunates" live thru you for a moment!!! (kinda like LETTERS magazine for motorcycles!) :) Andrew

Thats a great idea, I never thought of getting a 55 gallon drum for my garage.

Im using about 20 gallons a month commuting and weekend excursions.

A 55 gallon drum would last me about 3 months, not bad.

Wonder if I have a place near me that will deliver residential...?

Do you drag your tank back to the place for a refill or do they come out...?

What would you recc. for a stock setup, the on/off road TT101...?

They come out to you, and offer either 30 gallon or 55 gallon drum. It is $4.25 a gallon if you do the 30 or 55 gallons at a time.


In the California desert, one can ride 125 miles a day, or more. And a lot of it is in power robbing sand in 4th and 5th at high reves. I only get about 2 days of riding (average) per month, and average day about 75-100 miles per day. And a couple of beers afterwards.

cool!glad you found some!great stuff.smells cool too! :)

the place i get mine from is just around the corner.i just go there sat before work and get 5 gallons.i dont keep alot on hand if its not in metal cans.it deteriorates quickly form the light.i only use bout 2.5 gallons on a good day.but thats just at the track.

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