Clutch rebuild

Hey guys gonna be doing my clutch soon. Has anyone heard of or used a clutch made by Sumo Brakes?? Are they any good?? I ride trails and mx tracks for fun and do not think I am too hard on clutches. Will this thing burn up on me or what? Is Sumo a good name I am not familiar with it.


I find the OEM clutch works fine. For as often as you need to change a clutch why risk the unknown for a few bucks.

It was on sale for under $70 with heavy springs. Regular its supposed to be at $90 + or so.

I had to buy a clutch pack a few months back and I was in between jobs so I bought the cheapest one I could find (Tusk $40). I figured why not? at least it will get me riding.

Well, it did get me riding but the clutch fades so fast that I can't enjoy any riding other that wide open stuff with little to no clutch use. It's not worth the money IMO. However, if I was in the same situation again I would probably do the same thing because it did get me on the bike. Moral of the story: when it comes to clutches you probably get what you pay for.


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