1996 XR mods?

I have recently bought a 1996 xr250r, I was wondering if there are any mods I should do to it, I already have a 280 kit in it, thanks!

Trail riding or racing? The skys the limit. Here's the fluff I have on my xr.

"Wiseco" Big Bore 280 Engine Kit

Cylinder Machining for big bore kit

"SRC" oil coller kit

"Ty Davis" Hot Start

"K&N" Air Filter + "Uni" Hi Flow Foam Filter

"Thumper Racing" Stealth exhaust baffle w/ spark arrestor

"Cycle Max Services" dyno work & jetting

"WER" Suspension Mods - Gold Valves + 1" Raise

"Answer" Pro Taper Handle Bars + "Fasst" Flex Bar

"Applied" Top Triple Clamp

"Scott" Steering Damper & mounting kit

"Serfas" - Dual Compound Spider Grips

"SRC" Foot Lever / Case Guards

"WER" Skid Plate

"Acerbis" Pro Ralley Bush Guards

"BRP" Rear Brake Disk Guard

"BRP" Chain Guard

Rear Sproket - 49 Tooth

"D.I.D." X-ring Chain 520

"Aloop" MX tank and seat

"IMS" Pro Series Foot Pegs

Front Fender (black)

Rear Motocross Fender (black)

"Acerbis" Vented # Plate

"ICO Racing" Checkmate Enduro Computer

Route Sheet Holder

The aftermarket and accessories for this bike seem endless, the only limiting factor is your bank account.


Where do you sit on that thing? I think you could probably get a new spark plug cap, sounds like thats the only thing still stock. Just kidding sounds like you have a way cool bike.

To help these enquirers out a little, did you buy the bike new, or used? What, if used, was done to it already? I know you might not want to do this in writing, but do you know what you've put into it since purchased, that is with the acessories from the above list? Go ahead, shock us!

I bought the bike used from an acquaintance that rode the bike for about 3/4 season. He completed some of the mods and gave me all his purchase receipts. So I know exactly what has been spent in aftermarket and mods to date.

The total invested in this bike in mods and parts ..... hold on to your bars boys.......is $7423.65 (I though if I typed it fast that it wouldn’t hurt.......but it does)

Keep in mind that this is Canadian dollars which is about +/- $5000 US$.

The five big ticket items, the “SRC” oil cooler,” WER” suspension work, “Scott” damper, “Aloop” seat/tank and the “ICO” enduro computer account for 60% of this total.

It seems crazy, but building the ideal race bike is like an addiction ......where do you stop.

When you think about I still have tons of room for improvement, .... Edlebrok carb, Excel rims, ”Hotcam”, S.S. valves, 300 kit, stroker crank, etc. etc. etc.

Like I said earlier in this post the sky is the limit ....... I gotta call my bank manager.

Roost on .... quietly.

Don Sanderson aka FULLPIN

Holy Shnikey! I bet you wouldn't buy a new one and start from there, would you? That goes back to buying a used raced bike, and getting more of a deal! I'll try to add up mine, but it won't be near that. I still wouldn't buy new, it just isn't worth it. Once you upgrade to better/stronger parts when the factory stuff bends/breaks, you shouldn't need to replace it again.

So all I've put into my bike is in U.S. dollars? I'll run the Canadian thing past my wife just in case. I dont think she'll buy it though. doh! Hey, good times cost money, and I'm having a blast!

300cc kit with a Edelbrock 30X32mm pumper carb.



Dwight when you say 300 are you talking sleeve and piston? I can make my 280 into a 300 with the Powroll stroker crank package. With Powrolls' 300 kit @ $879 and the Edelbrock carb @ $395 that would add another $2000 Cannuck bucks to my ride(+taxes+shipping)+(dyno costs) .... ouch!

How dependable are stroker cranks over the 300cc bore piston? What are the pros and cons of each? Will the stroker 300 produce higher torque? Will the offset crank pin disrupt the engine balance requiring reweighting of the engine harmonic balancer?

Somebody stop me!!! Please

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