New Neighbor Hates Bikes

I'd like to know if this happens to you?

I've lived in the same place for 23 years and playing with motorized toys most of the time.

Last weekend two friends and myself were riding our dirt bikes in the field at the end of my street. I see a guy standing on one of the hills yelling at us. We kept riding. He came out waving a piece of paper. We kept riding. He came out with a phone yelling he was talking to the police. So I did three fourth gear passes in front of him, "I just couldn't help it" we left and parked at my house and he follows us. He tried to be intimidating untill he realized there were five of us there. He left and took a board we had over a ditch to get into the field.

Tonight I had a police officer at my door. So now I can't ride where I've been riding since long before the guy ever moved here. Some people just have nothing better to do.

Anyone else with a bad neighbor story?

Shoot him!

What a Prick!!!!!!!

A lady who lived accross the street for 14 years absolutely hated me runing the dirt bikes up the street after washing. She would call the cops evertime we parked our RV out front in prep. for a camping trip. The guy next door complained as well. I told the kids to pray for a miracle: the lady up and sold her house within 3 months; the guy next door died! (sure a coincidence).

We moved out into the sticks 2 years ago...I mean sticks. I built a 1/2 mile track and my new neighbor rides also and has 8 bikes/atvs which is cool. The other neighbor has called the forestry dept. 2-3 times complaining that we're going to start a forest fire with those "sickles."

Been thinking about real estate on Mars. Wonder what kind of jetting I'd need up there?

Go figure?


I live in a neiborhood where the guy behind, and next to me race lawnmowers, and the EA-6B prowlers (while prepping for Iraq) rattle the windows in my house, so no one realy complains about my small track, and the fourth gear wheelies down the street. :D

But at my friends house........sounds alot like your story.

I've been kept up pretty late by the lawnmowers and never said a word...all as I did was chuckle to myself, and thought GET SOME!!! :)

I do not understand people with nothing better to do but complain.......Must not be getting much from the misses, has to take it out on someone else. :D

About 15 years ago I had a '84 CR80, which I was riding on my grandparents property (about 30 acres). So anyway, I built a small track and spent most of my summers riding all day long. Then this lady moves up from San Francisco because she wants to live out in the country (peace and quiet was what she was thinking). Well I'm riding one day, and in order to get down to my track I had to go down in the orchard, which was about 50 yards from her house. She and her little dog (which looks more like a rat than a dog)start running down her drive way, comes on my grandparents property and demads that I shut the bike off and never ride it in the area ever again. At the time I think I was about 12 years old, so I was sort of taken back by the whole thing. So I start my bike, spin a nice 180, COMPLETELY roost her and her rat dog and ride back up the hill to the house. I tell my grandfather what happend, and he gets all pissed off, goes down to her house and proceeds to tell her the property has been in our family's name for over 50 years, and she has no right to tell us what we can and can't do. Well, about a month later I'm riding down at my track with a friend of mine, and all of the sudden a sheriff's helicopter is chasing us. It was summer so the apple trees were in season and gave us good cover. We hid for a few minutes and the helicopter left. Thinking that we had successfully ditched the 'copter, we started to ride back to the house. I look behind us, and there was the helicopter again, and this time THE CHASE WAS ON!! We were haulin' a$$ down the rows of apple trees, into the woods, back out into the orchard, through the christmas tree farm and back up to the house (all of this is on my family's PRIVATE property, no trespassing involved). Once we get up to the house, about 5 sheriff cars come up the driveway. At the time my grandfather was a California Highway Patrolman, and knew most of the cops. They informed us that the lady down the street had called 911 and reported that we were "terrorizing the neighborhood", which was not the case at all. Anyways, they said if they get called back out to the house again, I would be getting a ticket for disturbing the peace. So now, years later, (I'm 28 now) I still ride there from time to time with my CRF450 or KX250. The same old lady lives there, but now she just waves to me when I wheelie past her house. :) Completey true story by the way.

I don't want to sound like I'm on the side of the "Evil neighbors" but, if Brian428 had gone over to talk to the "grumpy ole' fart" when he spotted him the first time, Maybe he could have come to some sort of understanding with him! maybe certain days or times to ride ect.? But when you purposely ignore someone and then do 4th gear passes in front of them, You will 100% for sure permanately piss them off! that = NO riding period! So while not all of these "neighbors" will be open to having a compromising conversation, you'll never know till you try. In all the time that I've been riding,every time this situation has come up, I've talked very respectfully to the person and I've NEVER come away from it disappionted!! A little RESPECT goes a LONG way!

Cool story dude...Doc, hehe...true...but it is fun to wheelie past "The Bastard On the Corner" as we had, in fourth, kicking his dogs as you fly past...he complained about us on our damn trail cycles, so we complained about his dogs...the result...Nothing for us, and he had to get all his dogs debarked!!! What a di------!!! DINGA

How exactly do you debark a dog? :)

Have to agree with you DR DIRT. Too many times our pride gets in the way of a little talk. AND I'M NOT POINTING FINGERS BEFORE SOMEBODY GET OFFENDED! Sure some folks are just prics with nothing better to do. But a little chatting goes a long way!

How exactly do you debark a dog?

Treble hooks in raw steak. Never done it. But thought about it a lot. Just kidding. I think.

I usually take the low key approach and only ride for quick little motos around the hood and at the rr tracks behind. Funny thing, all my neighbors are doctors, lawyers and non MXers but they have taken a liking to coming by and chatting about [@#$%&*!] that they no nothing or really care about (Bikes). I just always throttle down when passing people and dont "roost em and laugh". Never had any complaints or cops.

I grew up on over 100 acres. My family were (parents still are) caretakers for a rich New York lawyer's weekend house in the hills. we set up a couple of small tracks in the woods and for years no one ever complained. We just couldn't ride when the landlords were there. One day 3 cop cars come into the driveway and say that we're not allowed to ride anymore. We lived in a valley so the noise reverberated up to the neighbor's house on the top of the hill. He got pissed, called our landlords and that was that.

We did still ride though. We would make "super silencers" out of old soda cans, insulation, rubber hose and hose clamps. Our bikes became so quiet that you couldn't hear us 100 yards away. Of course the performance went way down, but if you want to ride sometimes you gotta do whatever it takes.

I have a story with a good ending, I live in a small town in california called murrieta, I was out riding my mountain bike and a couple of guys on xr's rode up, we talked for a few about all the cool trails around the area, then they took off, I rode my bike up this hill and when I got to the top I saw a cop looking for the xr guys, this just pissed me off, I started back down the hill thinking the whole time about this is such bull sh##, you can't even ride out here where there might be three houses in three miles, I was so pissed I wasn't concentrating on my riding and hit a big rock and got a flat tire. I was repairing my tire and the cop drove up, I thought great, what did I do. the cop got out of his car and said "hey I've got a bike just like that" my jaw dropped, we talked for awhile and he told me that there is one old lady out here that calls them everytime she hears anything that even sounds like a bike, so when she calles they have to come out. he told me he knows where we ride so he patrols a few trails away that way the old lady see's that he is out there but he never finds anyone, he said the trails were here way before she was he told me to have fun and drove away. murrieta police dept. rocks

Our bikes became so quiet that you couldn't hear us 100 yards away.

I've been thinking about something like that for a while. It would be cool if there were some way to super-quiet dirtbikes so that you could practice practically in back yards without disturbing anybody. Sure you'd lose some power, and probably have to re-jet a lot. But being able to ride anytime you wanted even if you only had a couple acres would really be cool.

The second choice I think would be to get a trials bike that was quiet. You wouldn't be able to practice much in the way of roosting and jumping, but it would be great balance practice to climb all over everything in sight.

Watch out for those rocks! You remind me of a guy who always tried to out-run sheriff helicopters on his RM100 back in the 1970's, - early 80's. He was running one day and he hit a ditch and the next time I saw his bike, it was on the back of a tow-truck on it's way to impound!!!! One of his favorite things to say was "no one can catch me"!!!!

The problem is: too many people live in small areas now leading to nowhere for us to ride!!!

I had a neighbor shoot a bottle rocket at me while riding my street bike.

I beat the shot out of him (self defence) and the police charged him with assault. It was great!

If the guy lives next door, become a nudist. That should drive him nuts (so to speak).

I was gettin jiggy on my hodaka and the cops came, it was a chick cop, after takin one look at me she gave me her home phone # later that night I was getin jiggy with her.


I see you're back...

I also have to agree with Dr. Dirt and Ken. I have not had too many issues with this yet, but I probably will soon. Luckily my new next door neighbor tunes his car that is about 4 times as loud as my bike and my other two close neighbors are family. I do have some greenies that live down the road and I am sure they will have issues when I get my track done. I will be very careful not to upset them knowingly but rather talk it out. It is the roost'em and laugh type of attitude which makes the person more upset than the noisy bike ever will. Let's be good neighbors.

Wonder how loud that MOAB is going to be? :)

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