YZ/WR 250F Technical Orientation Guide

Yamaha has a great CD-ROM out that has the Assembly, Owner's, and Service Manual for the YZ/WR. It also has video clips, digital photos and line drawings to help "familiarize" you with these motorcycles. It has a great display of all the differences between the 01/02's and the 03's. If your interested the part # is "LIT-CDTOG-MC-04". It is very cool. Ask your dealer if he has one and if you can take a look.



did you borrow the CDROM already? can you provide me the

content? -- i'll set it up so everyone can get access (like we did

with the 2003 Yamaha YZ250F/WR250F online PDF manuals).

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

Yea, I've got the CD-ROM. I tried to burn a copy on another CD. It copied it but the auto run feature on the CD-ROM has a few glitches. Tell me how to send it and I'll give it to you. I think Yamaha wants around $40 or so for it.


you can upload it to me if you have a broadband connection or you can snail mail me the CDROM -- it's up to you. i'll drop you my info (both ways) in a PM.


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