Trails in Louisiana

I have rode at Cravens, Claiborne, Breezy Hill in Dry Prong, and Camp Livingston. Kevin Windhams ranch in Mississippi is on my list to ride. Is there any other places to ride in La. that I don't know about?

when you ride windham's trails please give us a update. i have been wanting to get a group together and try it out. i have been waiting on him to get the mx track finished and make a weekend out of it

I talked to him about a week ago and he said that it was pretty muddy and rutted up from the 4wheelers and the rain. He advised me to wait awhile for it to dry out. Pretty cool guy. He actually called me back after I left a message on the phone of the business. I shot the bull with him for like 20 mins. I figure another couple of weeks of decent weather and it will be time to go.

whats the skinny on his MX track?

I didn't ask him about the MX track b/c I don't ride them. I just talked to him about the trials.

Unofficially, the story about Kevin's track is that it is essentially complete, and a bunch of "insiders" have tried it out. But he's still working on roads, parking, etc... to make it OK for general public use.

I don't have any better data than that, but I'm guessing he'll have it open before the Nationals start. Word-of-mouth is that it is a "awesome" track. I'm hoping to be able to try it out in a month or so.

I have ridden Kevin's trails twice and it was pretty good. The trails are very well marked and there are a bunch of cut-backs to the camping area which is great for kids. I rode the trails when it was very muddy and it was very slick with the wet clay. Good thing he has a good bike wash area. Try and make sure it is dry when you go. Kevin had told me that he was looking to buy some equipement to better maintain the trails. If you can get off during the week and go when no one else is there that would be good. Just call Kevin the day before to let him know and he will meet you out there. Kevin is one kool dude.

So if one was to look for trails closer to Baton Rouge, are there any?

The Bonnie Carrie Spillway is currently flooded and we're having to drive to The Flyin'W in Centerville, MS. That is one excellent place too BTW, great trails, nice place to wash off the bikes....Nice people too.

Does anyone have a list of trails or areas that are dirtbike friendly in Louisiana?



is the mx track open at The Flyin'W? if anyone knows please give of practice/race dates and times thanks

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