07 YZ450F Fork Play

Hey guys,

A few month ago I crashed my bike off a huge dune...it fell straight down on the front wheel...the immediate thing I noticed is that the front wheel was misaligned and that was fixed by loosening the triple clamp and kicking the front wheel a few times!:doh:

Then when I was checking the bearings a few months later, I removed the front wheel and noticed that when I grabbed the fork stanchions, there was a slight lateral play in them!!!! IS THAT NORMAL!!!


How much lateral play and where exactly?

if you grab the forks by where the wheel axle goes, you can move them back and forth not a lot, maybe around 1/4" total play, they are still pretty new and they go up and down very smoothly.

Just wondering if that fall messed something up. No leaking either around the seals.

I'm no expert, but that does not sound right to me. When I've had my forks apart I don't recall any freeplay left to right. Maybe someone else can chime in? Also, you might post this in the suspension forum.


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