Engine Covers Alum or Mag??????

I am looking toward polishing these but was told that the clutch cover is magnesium (at least on the 400's and up). Do the 250's have alum, mag or even plastic?

I'm thinking that they are aluminum because "freestyle111" over on the 426 side had a set of polished covers for sale for the 250F a few months ago and they looked pretty sweet.

I don't know what they are, but they can be polished quite nicely.

The 250F cover are Aluminum, if they were Magnesium they would be marked that way. I know the 426's have Magnesium.

the yz250f sidecovers i polished were made of magnesiun.aluminum and magnesium can both be polished.if anyone interested i still have the polished ignition cover and clutch cover.i will sell cheap $50 for both.

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