wet sump a 450?

has anyone out there converted their 450 to a wet sump system? i was thinking of doing this and was wondering if the dubach 426 wet sump system will work on the 450??

Wouldn't Dr D. be the one to ask??? They're customer service is excellent. Drop them an e-mail and they'll get back to you in not time.

In April Dirt Rider they discuss the wet-sump conversion on Tim Ferry's bike and here is what they say:

".... The wet-sump conversions save little weight and adds no performance, but it makes removing the engine much faster and that's a key feature for a bike that comes apart as often as a factory bike."

I also saw a review on the wet sump conversion here is what was said:

"Will eliminate all external oil lines, but requires an oil change for every hour of operation because of the low oil volume after the wet sump conversion."

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