Best way to spruce up metal/alum. on engine/frame?

Looking at a used CRF450. Bike's in decent cond. but the surface of the engine looks "tired" almost like oxidation. Is there an easy way to spruce this up without dismantling everything? What are the cases made of? Also, best way to make alum. look better? Buff out? Repaint?



This is what I use, and also team Honda. ScotchBrite corse and fine scouring pads. After that, use SOS stee wool soap pads. That makes the frame better than new!!! Make sure you use the pads in the same direction as the frame.

When I first got my 03 the engine and frame were kind of dull. I used steel whool to get the metal smooth. Then I used a buff pad on a dremel tool to buff the hard to reach areas. When I was done with that I used Mother's polish and I tell you what that frame is like a mirror. It is a bunch of work but the outcome is the . Where can I get this scotchbright? Does it work as good or better than what I described?

Theres no paint on the frame. SOS the engine (except for the valve cover and clutch cover as they are painted) and the frame. You can just do it every time you clean the bike and by about the 4th or 5th wash it will look like new again. Sounds like they used undiluted Simple Green. Laundry detergent is much milder and keeps anodized parts looking their best.

Thanks for the feeback. I'm supposed to see the bike tomorrow. Not sure if it's a go or not till I see in person. But it sounds like the paint in on the valve cover and clutch cover. From the appearance of the bike, that would make a lot of sense. I'll let you know how it goes. I've got pics and well post them if I can figure out how to get them out of Outlook express!



On my old CR I just used mothers over and over, it eventually looked like a mirror.

that oxidation your talking about may be corrosion.ask him what he used to clean the aluminum.cast aluminum will corrode prety easily and i don't think its reversable.USE SIMPLE GREEN OR SOAP ONLY

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